Our Legal Department, consisting of specialized Lawyers in real estate transactions, will inform you and deal with you, if you wish, with all details and procedures of the transaction.

It will check the property titles you are interested in, prepare the Contracts, arrange the payment of the Tax and transfer your property to the Land Registry.

In particular, after finding the property and before any other action, a thorough check is required by the attorney-at-law of the purchaser, the titles of property of the property at the competent Land Registry in the area of ​​the property.

Our Legal Advisors:

  • They ensure the legality of the transaction for purchase or sale.
  • They provide you with any information and legal support to collect the necessary supporting documents and any action required to complete the buying and selling process.
  • If you wish, you will be on your side after the completion of the purchase, ready to provide you with any legal support for your loan, for any further transfer of the property (parental benefit, donation, sale etc.) and for any future information or legal action you need.

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